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Hey folks! How ya'll doing.

Just making a journal to post WHAT IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE GROUP because apparently no one reads the rules and doesn't see what the gallery of this group consists of.

These are the rules of the group.
Daily Update! The Rules!Welcome, welcome! This page updates when 100+ members join to ensure that those members get the drift. ;3
By the way, all your coffee pics look so delicious. We find ourselves drinking coffee in the dead of night while working on the Station! Keep it up!

:star::star: Rule #1: BLANK MEMES ONLY, PLEASE! 
 This can't get any clearer. This is the most important rule of all.
:pointr::pointr: Rule #2: Not Allowed in the Meme-Station.
:police: First Rule applies. No memes that are completed, filled out, answered, not blank. All completed memes go to MEME-Love.
:police: This is an ART MEME Group! Regular deviations don't go here, hence the group name Meme-Station. Also those internet memes aren't allowed here too. We are in the process of removing them from the group.
:police: No memes with questions that make people answer by using/taking images from websites, movies, television shows, games, etc. Those are copyrighted. Remember this is an <b>

I repeat:

(deviations featured here are only shown here for examples, nothing more, but hey! free feature! And I really like that I chose to feature)
(if you dont wanna be featured here, let me know and I will remove it)


Nadezhda's 2010 Art Meme by SerenaVerdeArt Cruel's Yaoi Art Meme by sherant Meme Before And After (2) by DAV-19 Before and after by Fuugen uppuN's HP Art meme :D by MsCashew Kiss Meme by MatthewRHumphreys
Head over to :iconmeme-love: for all your completed art memes needs.


The Owl Turkey Meme by MemeComedy Tuxedo Mask Meme by xProfAwesome Picture Day Meme by MemeComedy


IDplz by WuiersTW Caution by WuiersTW Trees by MaraDamianRainbow Nyan Nyan Pop Tart Cat by Zaithy

:star::star:If your deviation isn't blank and completed... then it doesn't belong here. If it's empty like the examples below, we welcome it.:star::star:
:star::star: These are the things we accept. Blank stuff.

The Ultimate Meme 1.0 by UltimateMemeMaker Fanfiction Writer's Meme by tomoe2005 *BLANK* Writing MemeWelcome to my writing meme.
Just answer the questions there's only 11 questions so it won't take you so long................................... Maybe.
1: first up introductions. Just give us a name and brief description. Because really, we already think you're awesome.
2: what is your favorite genre to write? (horror, angst, romance, etc)
3: what is the genre you absolutely hate? We all have them, don't want to write a line or two of really bad poetry.
4: Favorites time: who is your Fav Author? Oh and give an example of their writing style with a few lines.
5: Fav book ever?
6: do you play video games? If you do, What was one you played that had a super engaging story?
7: BAD poetry time!
8: Script writing. Thoughts?
9: All books are just the same 26 letters rearranged.
10: okay we all have them, SHIPS! What are your favorite ships? Write a small drabble of it. If you don't know what a ship is then you are not a true fan.
11: okay I'm done Tag people. Don't really care how many, just T
OC KH Keyblade Meme by ScaredyAsh006 blank meme by FarkasS bottle meme blank by LutherOMight Photographer's Challenge by Mysticbynd Comic Meme- Suddenly by Fyuvix Know Your Original Character Meme by The-Happy-Thought Art Progress Meme - blank by Tai-L-RodRigueZ Height meme by Youarenotthere Switch-A-Roo Meme by KimmitheHealer
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Table to Contents

:star: IMPORTANT Meme-Station Rules and Regulations

:star: Gallery Folders Directory (NEW ADDITIONS!)

:star: Frequently Asked Questions

:star: How to Create an Art Meme

:star: Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? NOTE HERE

Wanna place for all your Filled MEMEs?
Direct all your filled/completed MEMEs there!




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Great Join Request Comments since Nov '14-Present:

:iconknuxie-bro:I'd love to participate in this group after being requested to have my first meme in here!

:iconsanemmdliker21: Most meme's make me explode of laughter... I'll need moar! :P

:icondustytoonlink: Memes have strange questions. I am a strange person...WE'LL GET ALONG JUST FINE! May I join?

:iconred-cherry-anime: Meme's are something that I have watched people on deviant fill up with drawings since I actually got here. And I think it's about time I found an amazing group with lots of them to let me give a go! >xD So here I am: wanting to join your amazing group. ^w^ Also, a Merry Christmas! <3

The MEME Station Tags You!


:devart: Bored? Need a Meme to do? Welcome to the Meme-Station, the ultimate BLANK Art Meme directory!

:deviation: This Group dedicated to collecting all the blank, I repeat, BLANK memes on dA! Search through our categories for the one you want!

Join or watch us to be updated on the newest, coolest, craziest, weirdest and oldest Memes on DeviantART!

If you have a meme of your own or you found one we don't have, submit it! You don't have to be a member to submit your Meme!

The Vault is filled with other blank Memes from inactive deviants! Check them out! This place will continue to add more and more blank memes for you!

Want to see completed Art Memes?! Head over to our beloved wife/sister/lover group to submit and share your completed or filled up art Meme!



(rhymes with "cream")

Click and Read the article about Memes below:
:star: Project Educate: MEMES :star:

The best solution for this is to research it. Look it up. Lazy? Read some meanings below:

The term Internet meme is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. The term is a reference to the concept of memes, although the latter concept refers to a much broader category of cultural information.

In its most basic form, an Internet meme is simply an idea that is propagated through the Web. This idea may take the form of a hyperlink, video, website, hash-tag, or even just a word or phrase. This meme may spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, news sources, and other web-based services.


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Important: PLEASE STOP! D8<

:police: :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: :police: :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: :police: :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: :police: :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: :police: :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: :police:

:bulletred: PLEASE STOP PUTTING COMMENTS BELOW WANTING YOUR MEMES TO BE PLACED IN THE GROUP! :bulletred: We are asking nicely. You can put it in yourself, you don't have to be a member. Anymore comments regarding putting your meme into the group will be ignored. I repeat, they will be ignored. Thank you.


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